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A Floating Island is a walk on an island that could be anywhere in the world, this one in particular is the one that has seen me grow, where I spent all my childhood and youth, in which I lived a thousand stories sometimes with an ending happy and others not so much. Places that no matter how long it has passed, continue to remain practically the same as in the past, and that surely before me enjoyed other generations.

A Floating Island therefore can be that place that you saw once, that they taught you as a child and made such an impact on you that to this day you continue to visit to calm down, think calmly about the things in life or why not, daydreaming (which I do a lot).

In this case, the Floating Island, the one that I have wanted to portray in this series of photographs and which I want to share with you, is Gran Canaria, one of the 7 islands that make up the Canary archipelago. Using the elements that nature offers me: Sea, Clouds, Earth and Wind, I wanted to transmit from a different point of view everything I feel when I observe it. A Floating Island only pretends that you disconnect, that you leave your problems aside, and get lost in those places that this Island offers us. Places that leave no one indifferent, Places that transmit, Places after all.

Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing that beauty is what separates a simple capture from photography

A floating island

fotografía de retratos y videos

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