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Dimbaya Bake

fotografía de retratos y videos

The Gambia is a country of contrasts and due to this it has given me the 15 most intense days of my life, I have broken into many pieces, but the smile and the warmth of its people has made me see that no matter how much need there is, its people are still positive and grateful for everything, living the "now" and accepting what happens to them is their particular "mantra".

In Gambia they usually say a phrase that says like this ... - "In Gambia it doesn't happen" -

And although it seems so with the naked eye, you just have to dig a little to see your dreams and goals. Day after day they strive and slowly and subtly they begin to envision a future for the people who live there, for this reason, we must help clear that path and make things easier for them so that they can achieve themselves and continue to evolve, since I consider which is a fundamental human right.

That has been the reason why I have been in The Gambia, I want to help through my work as a photographer and show The Gambia and its people to other people, so that they are aware of the problems that exist there, and in this way "spread "to other people to get involved in a positive way and try to make all this a better world

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