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fotografía de retrato y videos


I am a photographer, I am a conservationist by nature, I take photos to stop time to commit moments with eternity, human nature made tangible.


This phrase defines my being, I have been taking photographs since my childhood and what was a game has become my lifestyle, I cannot conceive life without photography, I always take refuge in it, happy moments, sad moments, first loves ... everything has been immortalized with it.


Everything I observe I see from the perspective of photography, everything in this life is worth being photographed to immortalize that moment with eternity, I was born with a camera and I will die with it, it is the love of my life.


Under this premise, if you consider that I can help you carry out your projects, contact me and we will begin to develop it. Thank you very much for getting here and reading these words.



+34 646 037 091

Gracias por el mensaje

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