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Konstantin Stanislavski created the method by which most actor schools are basically governed. This method consists of making the actor experience the same experiences that his character would have to demonstrate and, for this, the use of accessories is used that would aggravate the interpretation of a limit situation such as putting a stone in a shoe to simulate lameness or ingesting a substance that may cause vomiting or discomfort or even long periods of confinement in hospitals, prisons or some place of isolation, ... etc. In short, a consistent delivery to the practice of exercises that stimulate the interpretive capacity.

Unconsciously pressured by this “elemental” concept Kay Machín has subjected all her models in this series to a “stanislavskian” experience.

Kay has concentrated on executing a series of portraits, (or perhaps it would be more appropriate to say no portraits) with the most refined technique of realization. They are close-ups with correct lighting that allow the decontextualization of the image, closing the distance with the model to achieve a link of intimacy and complicity with its characters. The creator says that he intends to capture and freeze the image of inner fear, but I would say more, Kay submits and makes us submit to an almost scientific experiment in emotion supported by a simple resource of sensitive over-exploitation, that is, the artist violates the passive nature of a model that is exposed in front of the lens of a camera forcing him to continuously suck the juice of a lemon so the author indirectly associates tricarboxylic acid with negative experiences, it is a poetic license that allows the artist to achieve his noble objectives but that ultimately transgress the limits of portrait photography.

It is, in short, an ingenious adventure that imposes both the viewer and all the supportive guinea pigs that have supported and collaborated on his project a reflective experience while the artist is supposed, as he himself points out, a covert role of psychologist who explores or explored.

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